Saturday, 14 March 2009

What inspires me to write

I've always enjoyed writing stories ever since primary school when i wrote my first story about myself and Kylie Minogue going to the zoo. Every night before I would go to sleep I'd make a story up in my head; when i was younger it would be about me becoming a pop star but now it's more me becoming a millionaire, getting married, and having kids. My imagination has always been my best quality.

I have a lot of ideas of books I'd love to write I get inspiration from all over the place. Authors that inspire me are Marian Keyes, Sophie Kinsella, Ceceilia Ahern, and Lauren Weisberger amongst others. Marian Keyes has to be my favourite I love the way she can mix comedy with real life issues like depression. The way she builds her characters is amazing. The Walsh family are included in many of her books like Anybody out there and Watermelon. All of the Walsh characters are well developed, you can really relate to them. Marian inspires me to make my characters as good as hers. She truly is a genius.

The world itself is a big inspiration. Friends characters I believe can always be found in any book. In Megan's thirty I use aspects of my friends and family but only the funny parts of their character or what I find funny anyway.
I sometimes eaves drop on peoples conversations you can hear some interesting stories on buses, in cafes, at the theatre and especially at the shops. Whilst in Matalan the other day I heard a story of a manager throwing a coat hanger at one of his employees head. Real life stuff can really make fiction funnier.

Anything can inspire me to write like TV, films, magazines,and other books. As for what inspired me to start writing a book at the age of twenty seven well I've had depression and anxiety for a few years now and writing is like an outlet for me. Due to my illness I can't work so it gives me something to focus on. It's something that gives me a sense of achievement. In a way I have depression to thank for my new found career choice. If I never had depression I may never have worked out what I wanted to be. Depression is what inspired me to be a writer, strange but true.


Rebecca Woodhead said...

She is a genius but you're very wise too. You have just the right attitude. The best way to get rid of depression is not to feed it. Try to remember that whilst you may not be able to control events, you can control your response to them (even if it sometimes feels like you can't.)

On my blog, I write about the difficulties I'm currently experiencing and I've every right to be depressed about it, but I'm not - and neither is my husband - because we CHOOSE to find it funny. However bad life gets, there is never a day in our house where we don't crack up in giggles at least once. Depression has real problems moving in and setting up home if you're laughing at it all the time. Have a look at my blog as it might help.

From the sound of your post, you're already on the right path to having the last laugh and kicking depression in the butt. Well done. Keep up the writing and the blog. You're doing a great job.


moolissa said...

Hey Rebecca,
Thanks for commenting and your encouraging thought's i've come a long way with my depression and i'm now able to fight it off better i'll have a look at your blog now.
Melissa xx

Rose DesRochers said...

I too suffer from Depression. I find writing to be wonderful therapy. By the way I love your blog. I too have a love for pink.

moolissa said...

Hey rose,
Thanks for the comment about my blog. Pink is the best colour ever.
Melissa xx

Keith Sheppard said...

Watch out girls, some of us chaps are listening too.

I've never suffered from depression myself but my son is in a very dark place at the moment. I find it impossible to get through to him and as it's something I don't understand I guess I don't really know how to help. It can be very frustrating to those on the outside too.

Glad you found writing to be an outlet. I'm a writer too, which is how I ended up here.