Thursday, 12 March 2009

Megan's thirty

The front cover of Megan's thirty was photographed and supplied by Jenni Grimshaw. Thanks hun xx

OK this is my very first blog and I have no idea what I'm doing so please bare with me. I'll be using this blog mainly to talk about my book Megan's thirty but I'll also comment on current events as and when I feel like it.

I started writing my first book Megan's thirty in September 2008. The genre I write in is Chick Lit. Here is a short description of what the book is about:

Desperately missing Hayden and in a deep depression Megan embarks on the journey of her life but will thirty things lead her back to happiness.

What more could a girl with a handsome fiancee and a planned Christmas trip to New York ask for. Twenty eight year old teaching assistant Megan Parker is the happiest girl alive that is until a devastating tragedy strikes that takes her life down a deep spiralling path of depression. Is there any way back to happiness for Megan. With the help of her friends can Megan’s list of thirty things really change her life? One year, thirty things Megan’s thirty.

You can read my book and make comments at

Authonomy is a website I stumbled across a month or two ago. It's somewhere for aspiring authors to post their books and have them reviewed by other authors who can offer you advice and tips to help you improve your book. The site is run by Harper Collins and they give people a chance to get noticed through a chart system. If your book gets noticed by HC you could get added to the editors desk. Where the people at HC will take a look at your book and comment. There's even a chance you may get published with them. This has happened to three lucky people on the site recently.

I shall write more about Megan's thirty when my brain is working properly. xx


Rebecca Woodhead said...

Good going! I'm a writer too. You're welcome to pop over any time :)

Rose DesRochers said...

Congrats on your new book. If you're looking to advertise it let me know.