Saturday, 19 March 2011

Clodagh Murphy Book Review: Girl In A Spin

Jenny Hannigan might be a good-time party girl, but all she secretly craves is a life of domestic bliss and solid respectability - worlds away from her troubled upbringing back in Ireland.  So when she crashes into the arms of Richard Allam -- the young, handsome, recently separated politician hotly tipped to lead his party to victory in the upcoming election -- she thinks she's found her perfect match. Richard's spin doctor, charismatic publicist Dev Tennant, thinks otherwise.  Charged with putting a positive spin on the relationship, Dev soon discovers that Jenny has more than one skeleton in her closet - and as the election gathers momentum, he is working overtime trying to keep them there. And as Jenny's life starts to spiral out of control, suddenly she isn't sure what she wants anymore.

Clodagh Murphy

Girl in a spin is the follow-up to Clodagh Murphy's debut novel The disengagement ring. I have to confess I didn't read The disengagement ring; but after reading Girl In A Spin it's definitely on my to-buy list. From the very first page this book is easy to get into; with it's behind the scene politics storyline, likable characters and laugh out loud moments this is definitely a page turning must-buy.

Now, I hear you all shout, politics! I admit I thought the same, politics smolitics. But, the politics in this book is told from the protagonists point of view, Jenny.  Jenny is anything but what you would think is the norm for the, soon to be, Prime minister's partner. Jenny is fresh, funny and a bit dippy; she's made her mistakes but you can't help but like and relate to her.

Other main characters include Richard the politician and Dev the Spin doctor. I took an instant dislike to Richard; I don't know why it may be due to the fact I hate politicians in real life. Dev on the other hand  can get a bit narky but it's usually because he cares about people, I really grew to like him. 

Although Jenny doesn't have a family as such she does have her flatmates Liam and Ollie. Both Liam and Ollie are hilarious characters especially Liam who I would quite like to have as a friend, you'll see why when you read the book. Also look out for the stalker club this really made me laugh; a great addition to the book.

Clodagh Murphy is a great talent and I'll definitely be buying future releases.

I give Girl In A Spin

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